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Welcome to the official website of Kendrick Bostic. Here you will find information about his life, career, latest projects, and learn so much more about his work. Kendrick Bostic is an American director, actor, writer and producer. His two latest projects out now are "The Joy Ride" and a Tv series called "Treachery"



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Kendrick Bostic is an American film director. He was born October 26, 1990 in Florence, S.C.  Kendrick grew up in Charlotte, N.C where he thrived in athletics.  After graduating from high school, Kendrick joined the U.S Army and served for three years.  His proudest accomplishment while in uniform was deploying to Kandahar, Afghanistan for a one-year combat tour.  After serving in the military, Kendrick started a career in trucking as owner and operator. Kendrick always had love for music, which led him in 2014 to write and record his first album, "They Know" for Kidd Suavay, a Savannah, GA. based artist. While working in the music industry, Kendrick realized the expense associated with music videos, so he purchased his first camera, a rebel t3, and began to record his own videos. His love for videography would lead him to create his first short film called "Betrayal," which has evolved into a series called "Treachery" where Kendrick stars as writer, actor, and producer.  Multi-talented, Kendrick has broadened his portfolio, including stand-up comedy and skits to his repertoire.  His stand up was inspired by Terrence Miller (aka Big Thankful), a friend who taught him to write jokes. Kendrick recently completed another successful project - his first feature film called "Joy Ride." He continues to sharpen his art - writing, creating and procuring films that speaks to his audience and his community.  His collection of art is shared on his YouTube channel.  Tune in!  Let’s see where Kendrick goes next.



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